In the Hoop Lolli-Proppie QUICK Stitch FULL SET

That's Sew Grammie!


In the Hoop Lolli-Proppie QUICK Stitch FULL SET By popular demand, I am offering my Lolli-Proppies in a QUICK STITCH version. These stitch practically faster than you can hoop them... trim, you're done!  You can even SKIP the placement lines if you want!  This is the FULL 6 design set, (a smaller set, of the standard Lolli Lips and Lolli Stache can be found under a separate listing). You will receive 6 design files, plus 3 bonus detailed Mustache files (each still a super quick stitch, just a little more detail). Four of the designs fit a 4x4 hoop, but the Goatee and the Long Stache designs DO require a 5x7.

Lips: 81.1x81.5mm
   Stitches: 934

Mustache: 93.4x92.9mm
   Stitches: 862

Detailed Mustache: 93.4x92.9mm
   Stitches: 1880