that's SEW Grammie! FAQs

1. HELP! I know I ordered from you in the past, but I can't sign in to your new website!
Don't worry! If you placed an order on my old website, I have a data base of past orders. In the meantime, if this system did not recognize your email address, simply CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. If your email address is the same used on the old website, AND you have ordered in the past, when your account is created you should see your previous orders in your account. If the email addresses did not match up, please contact me at: and we will do our best to match up your information and your orders if any. (This only applies to orders made after 2012)

2. How do I get my designs after my order is complete? 
Once you have completed your order, you should be directed back to a direct download page where you can instantly download your purchases. If for some reason you aren't directed to the instant download, you will also receive an email containing download links to each design in your order. Simply click on each link an save to your computer. Please save this email, as it will allow you to re-download a file should you accidentally lose it to those darn gremlins!

3. I didn't download my designs and I can't find my download notification email. How do I get my designs?
That's okay! Contact us: and we will send out a new email. 

4. My computer crashed! I lost all my designs. How can I recover those I purchased from that's SEW Grammie! ? 
Ugh! So sorry to hear about your computer struggles! But no worries, c
ontact us: and we will send out a new email(s) with download links to any orders on file in your account.