Terms and conditions

RETREAT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: (design purchase Terms can be found below)
By registering for a that's SEW Grammie! or Cut Class w/ Grammie Retreat, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • March 9-11, 2018 Retreat:

    By registering, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:

    • All cancellations must be received by that’s SEW Grammie, dba Cut Class with Grammie, in writing, by the Retreat Cancellation Deadline Date of January 20, 2018 for the March 2018  Retreat.  –  in order to receive a refund of your registration fee. Requests may be emailed to whitney@sewgrammie.com   NO refunds will be made after this date.  An administration charge in the amount of $25.00 USD will be deducted from registration fees for all cancellations.  Refunds will only be made via the original payment method. If you have made a reservation for accommodations at the Peachtree City Conference Center, you are responsible for cancelling this reservation separately. You are strongly urged to keep all booking and/or cancellation confirmation numbers and other documentation. That’s SEW Grammie!, dba Cut Class with Grammie takes no responsibility for any financial penalties you may incur.
    • Transfer/Sale of Tickets Between Attendees:  In the event that a registered attendee wishes to transfer or sell their Cut Class w/ Grammie & Craft Chameleon Retreat ticket to another potential attendee, an email should be sent to whitney@sewgrammie.com prior to any transfer of funds.  This allows us to update our records to reflect the new attendee’s information.  The cut off date for these transfers is 10 Calendar days prior to the Retreat.  TRANSFERS made within 10 calendar days of the Retreat will not be honored.  
    • Special caution should be given to sales of attendance tickets between individuals to prevent any fraudulent transactions.  All transfer/sales communications should be retained by both parties as proof of transfer of ownership.  Under no circumstance should an attendance ticket be sold to another party for an amount that is greater than the amount originally paid. In the event of a fraudulent or suspicious transaction, please notify the Cut Class w/ Grammie team at whitney@sewgrammie.com immediately.  However, that's SEW Grammie!/Cut Class w/ Grammie takes no responsibility for any fraudulent losses that occur.  It is recommended to use a protected source of payment, such as PayPal or a major credit card, that offers fraud protection. The transfer/sale of any accommodations or lodgings should first be discussed with the Peachtree City Conference Center (or other local lodging provider) prior to any transactions.  The lodgings provider will have specific requirements and processes for completing this type of transaction.
    • Sales of All Available Tickets (Sold-out Event) In the event the March 2018 Cut Class w/ Grammie & Craft Chameleon Retreat sells all available tickets; a waitlist will be provided.   Tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be purchased through the that’s SEW Grammie!  website: www.sewgrammie.com
    • You are responsible for your own person and belongings during the March 2018 Cut Class w/ Grammie & Craft Chameleon Retreat, and agree to hold no liability against the March 2018 Cut Class w/ Grammie & Craft Chameleon Retreat or that's SEW Grammie!/Cut Class w/ Grammie.  
    • Cameras are welcomed, but we ask that you please respect our instructors and do not record any audio or video during instruction.  This is how we make our livings. Thank you for understanding.
    • For their safety, children under the age of 16 may not enter the event area with the exception of NON-walking nursing infants with prior permission from Cut Class w/ Grammie. And they are ONLY allowed in the break area.  Babies & any Children under the age of 16 (including NON-walking, nursing infants) are NOT permitted in the classrooms.  This policy will be enforced at the Retreat.

that's SEW Grammie! / Cut Class w/ Grammie!

DUE TO THE DIGITAL DOWNLOADABLE FILE NATURE OF ITEMS PURCHASED, there is a strict NO REFUND POLICY. If no items have been downloaded, each request will be considered on an individual basis for possible refund or credit.


Embroidery Designs:

All Embroidery designs offered by that's SEW Grammie! are Embroidery MACHINE files, which means that in order to view/read and be able to stitch them, you MUST have an embroidery machine. These are not design patches that can be applied to items, they are not patterns you can follow. You must have the necessary software/hardware to transfer these designs to your embroidery machine, and know how to facilitate such. If you are unsure, please refer to any documentation you received with your machine. that's SEW Grammie! designs are available in many formats to accommodate the numerous brands of machines, software, and hardware on the market. It is up to you, the customer, to know how to implement the use of these designs for your specific equipment. All design sales are final, I cannot take responsibility for erroneous purchases. I am always available to help answer any questions I can, to the best of my ability, prior to your purchase. If you aren't sure, please ask!

I ask that you PLEASE respect the hours and hours of dedicated work I have put into digitizing each and every one of my designs. My designs have all been digitized by ME personally, from artwork that has been created by me, especially for me, or from purchased clipart with permissions to digitize. The designs themselves CANNOT be SHARED, RE-SOLD, or TRADED. You do NOT have permission to sell the actual embroidery designs or to alter any of my designs and claim them as your own. Nor may you sell the altered designs.

You may not reproduce/use my images in other mediums such as (but not limited to) screen printing, lithograph, cards, scrapbooking, etc. Some of the images I use are indeed licensed to other companies and/or individuals and I have acquired the proper permission to use them. You will be violating copyright policies by using these images without acquiring the proper licensing or permissions. You may not reproduce any of the IMAGES seen here to place on other items for sale and/or personal use.

You MAY combine my embroidery design(s) with fonts. You MAY NOT combine my designs with design(s) and/or pieces and/or parts of other design(s) to create a derivative design. You MAY NOT use our designs and/or derivative designs to create SVG files, or any other type of vector or print files for plotting or cutting machines, screen print, image transfer or print and cut. No part of any file may be traced, altered or used as part of any vector, cut file, or derivative work of any nature.

You MAY indeed use these embroidery designs for their intended purpose, to stitch onto any embroiderable items for personal use, and for small business use with intent to profit. This permission is SOLELY for machine embroidery of my designs, and NOT a license for reproduction of any of the images. If anyone should wish to mass produce (250+) any of my embroidery designs on embroiderable items, you must first contact me to acquire the proper permission/licensing for a fee.

Please do not use any pictures of actual stitch outs, as they belong to my testers who have given me permission to use them. You MAY certainly use one of my software generated pictures of any of my designs you have purchased, on your website to promote selling of items to embellish with said design for your customers ~ provided you leave my watermark on them. These pictures should show everything you need them to, as each listing has one that is filled with color/fabric and one that shows just the stitching. You MUST leave my watermark on these pictures. I urge you to stitch your own samples of every design you offer, as soon as you can,  so your customers can see YOUR quality work!

SVG Files from tsg:
You MAY NOT combine my designs with design(s) and/or pieces and/or parts of other design(s) to create a derivative design. You MAY NOT use our designs and/or derivative designs to create create your own SVG files, or any other type of digital files for plotting or cutting machines, screen print, image transfer, print and cut or embroidery digitization. 

You MAY use my SVG designs to create cut files and print and cut files to sell finished physical goods to your customers. 

Custom Signature Art Digitizing: Coming soon to the website! In the meantime contact me: designs@sewgrammie.com for a quote