About us

that's SEW Grammie! is a home based business providing Top Quality Applique and Embroidery digital designs. My goal is to always provide you with exemplary customer service and EXCELLENT designs that stitch out smoothly for you. I want you to pull that project off your machine and think, "Now THAT was a smooth, well thought out GREAT design!" I want to DESERVE your business!

Embroidery machines are AMAZING aren't they? I could sit and watch designs stitch out all day long! Like many of you, I was immediately captivated the first time I used mine. BUT, I was also struck with questions early on concerning designs I purchased.
"Why did it stop and jump over there?"
"Why is this cover stitch so thin? I can't trim any closer!"
"Why is this cover stitch so loosey goosey?"
"Oh, why are these fabrics overlapping???"
The list goes on....
I was soon compelled to purchase embroidery software with editing capabilities. I literally RE-digitized some (okay, many) designs so they would run in a logical sequence, minimizing machine movement - and my twitching. This became an obsession and I quickly realized I wanted to CREATE designs. Designs that did NOT raise all these questions. Designs that were a pleasure to stitch! Thus, 'that's SEW Grammie!" was officially born in Peachtree City, GA in the fall of 2010, a year after my accidental foray into editing/digitizing began. My business name came to me accidentally as well, when my son Spencer (father of our first grandchild) had stopped by and I was showing him a design idea and he smiled, chuckled and said, "That's SO Grammie!" as he was walking away shaking his head...

In the fall of 2011 my website went live and ran until the fall of 2015 when, between some flaws in the infrastructure and heavier traffic, it crashed. I learned a little bit about websites back then... let's just say, do some research before you commission someone to build a site for you. It was not worth the time and effort to 'fix' the mess that it was. 

At that same time we were eyeball deep adjusting to many major life changes. We found ourselves becoming Caregivers (when circumstances found me unexpectedly uprooted to PA for 6 mos to care for my father following a serious post surgical complication. It became obvious he would not be able to live on his own. Once we were all settled back in GA, adjusting to a new way of life, we learned we would be moving away ourselves, now with an octogenarian tagging along!
Fast forward:

We have now relocated, after 19 years in GA, to Prosperity, SC. Isn't that a GREAT name for a town? What a lovely little town it is (approx. population: 1200). After a tumultuous 3 years, as of January 2017 we can finally say we are settling in to a new normal. We love our new life here!

Now that we were settled in after a 6 mos major renovation to our new home, it was time to get back to business, starting with building a NEW and improved website. Kept it in the family this time. thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU to my son Scooter for sacrificing some of his free time to make it happen! After a year and a half of having only an Etsy presence online, that's SEW Grammie! website has returned. I am looking forward to 2017 and beyond ... it feels great to have my digitizing stylus back in hand once more! I hope to convert some of my exclusive designs to svg files, making some of my designs available to the 'cutting' world!

In addition to embroidery, applique and svg designs, I am so excited that customers can now contact me via the website for Custom Signature Art & Silhouette requests. The Custom Signature Art & Silhouettes include designs digitized from pictures you send me:
*Handwriting (signatures, phrases, poems, recipes (VERY popular) to be framed, put on kitchen towels, etc)
*Children's line art (picture a small child's earlier drawings, digitized so you can stitch them out to frame or add to quilts etc!), and
*Children's silhouettes (digitized from detailed profile photos of your child, or old paper silhouettes you might have of them). These look phenomenal stitched on pillows to display in your home!

Thank you for being here!
~Whitney~ aka "Grammie"

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