Add a Ribbon Belt 1.5" Embroidery Design

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Add a Ribbon Belt 1.5" Embroidery Design

What a cute touch!  Turn a red body suit into a santa suit, or add a polka dot belt to a toddler's shirt!! You are going to LOVE this handy Embroidery File. No more struggling at the sewing machine to TRY to get that Ribbon STRAIGHT on that Body suit, Toddler shirt, or Burp Cloth with nice even stitching... Let your embroidery machine do it!  You will receive 3 lengths, to best fit your project.
Don't need a buckle? You can find a separate PLAIN (no buckle) design under separate listings. The plain ribbon designs (various sizes available) have Buttonholes that stitch as the last step which can be skipped. The buttonholes make it very easy to add an alligator clip bow to the mix, so you can take it off for washing!!!
*NOTE* All Add a ribbon designs will need to be FINISHED on a sewing machine in order to make it JUST THE RIGHT SIZE.  (you may notice the looped ribbon at each end in the stitched pictures, this is showing how you fine tune the sizing to fit a shirt exactly. Once you have length correct, you trim excess ribbon, leaving enough to turn under for a smooth finish, and finish up, zip, zip, zip, on the sewing machine done in a flash. TUTORIAL INCLUDED!!!

Available Formats:

4x4 HOOP: 4in: 49.8x99.9mm
   Stitches: 2215

5x7 HOOP: 6in: 49.8x152mm
   Stitches: 2330

6.5in: 49.8x165mm
   Stitches: 2357

7in: 49.8x177
   Stitches: 237